It’s been a long time since we did a classic moom moom megapost. Been too busy enjoying life. Except for this fucking morning where The Dirty fucking Frenchman took a major dive off his bike and now has no more skin left on his forarms and elbows. That was a shitty time. It did really exfoliate the skin so it will be really youthful when it comes back so at least he has that. Whatever, we’re just trying to come up with a premise for doing a fucking post like we always do so that you don’t just read some kind of dick sucking commentary on artists because that shit is really fucking boring. We did however just commit the other mistake that a lot of blogs make where they talk about the minutia of their fucking lives and you’re like “I don’t fucking care, just give me music bitch”. Fine, let’s keep this relationship all business. Here’s the fucking music: