It would have been a bit sad for the #TOMCREW crew if the end of the world had actually happened. Their compilation would have come out just as no one would be able to listen to it. It would be poetic I fucking guess. But we’re still here for now so what the fuck is up with this compilation?

The verdict from us is that it’s solid. Some really fucking tight ass tracks in this bitch. It starts off fucking so epic with some Juke Ellington disaster trap that would be amazing to hear while you watch your village burn in slow motion and decide to avenge your people. Quite a start. The rest is like the trap and juke collection you always wanted. Starfoxxx drops a straight fucking thugged out peice of snap trap. The Night Edit of Phazz is good too. Tokyo Hands uses his touch to make his Kirko Bangz edit hit you in your feeling zones. The Fellepus track is hot too. We ain’t gonna fucking tell you about every song though so just dl the whole thing and discover it yourself. Fuck, you might think our tastes are opposite.

  • http://soundcloud.com/wehavethetechnology Jarrod Acquistapace

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