Ha! Been fucking ages since we posted something like this. This is like shit from the days we were engaged in a nuclear war with certain blogs that represented a certain generation who was into bass. Now a days we are definitely more club oriented and our aim is to provide tunes that represents urban music being made right now around the world and have less of a traditional sound.

Was going through promo emails and came across this. It sat there for a few days and then I finally gave it a listen yesterday. It’s good because it really treads the line between tradition and fun/danceability. I could probably drop a few of these at a party. Probably not leave them on for too long because they get a bit repetitive but they could certainly be useful to change up the vibe. Fave is the remix of The Funkees “Akula” track that goes from sounding normal into this whole hypnotic thing. Definitely worth checking out