I was shocked the last time I was in Berlin. From Kreuzberg to Prenzlauer I saw a new fashion vision in the cafés, bars and especially the nightclubs.

The new trend is called “brocore” and it’s taken the city by a storm in the music and fashion worlds.

Normcore is out, brocore is in. Vintage Ed Hardy shirts are becoming impossible to find in all the best vintage stores. The market in knock off Von Dutch hats is exploding. All the guys are getting super buff and all the girls are getting super tanned. This is a new dimension in fashion, style and music.

EDM, barely a memory in North America is back in Berlin with a force. It’s the inescapable sound of 2018 in Berghain, Trésor, ://about blank and Sisyphos. While at Trésor at 5am the DJ dropped a set of vintage David Guetta and the crowd erupted. Many clubs have recently introduced bottle service capitalize on the new trend. 

“Young people in Berlin are choosing to eschew the creative desert of minimalism in order to persue a new maximalist approach” said Franz who I met in the Trésor lineup and who writes the second most important fashion blog in the city “Instead of too little, now people are looking for too much. Brocore is the new paradigm”

Khloe, a young stylish student at the Berliner Modeinstitut wore her Ed Hardy shirt with pride. “Wearing this style takes bravery” she expounded “If you can pull it off you can pull off anything. It’s aspirational. It’s untameable.” 

This new wave was embodied in works that were shown at the student fashion show I attended later that evening.

Everything was brash, bold and teeming with energy.

Gone was simple black and white. Gone the anemic “loser” look that so characterized fashion of the last decade. People looked tanned and healthy.

“No one touches ketamine anymore” explained another student Alfonz “Nowadays we are more interested in Muscle Milk. They started serving it in most nightclubs and have stopped serving Club Mate”

“Brocore is no longer based around a white cis-male identity” continued Alfonz “Gay people are brocore, trans people are brocore. Women. Blacks, whites, even Chinese”

The hottest event in the city right now is the Christian Audigier retrospective at the Kunstgewerbemuseum. Viewings have a six month wait.

As I stood in line for a famous Mustapha döner on my last day something else dawned on me. The city had a new energy. Brocore had reinvigorated a place that was at risk of becoming a stale playground for Americans with money and liberal arts degrees.

In Berlin now, and as always, tired worn out fashions are refreshed. Just as they did in music with the “boring techno” revival and more recently with the “rehashed 80’s electro” wave they are blazing a trail that uninnovative insecure young people around the world are certain to follow.

That’s why I’ll always go back.