bad and boujee

For some reason the track “Bad and Boujee” by The Migos and The Lil’ Uzi Vert just won’t go away. Girls love it and when girls love a song, well… you know it’s got staying power. That’s the girl song guarantee like that “Drunken In Love” track by The Beyonce Knowles.

If you’re a DJ which is short for DISK JOCKEY then you’ve probably already played the track 200,000 times (430,000 times in metric). You probably want an alternative. Well my son (or daughter) this is your chance to find trax that will please the masses whilst making you feel like you’re not just a human jukebox (even though that’s all you are and all you ever will be).

DJ Jayhood & DJ Sliink remix

If you’re like “I’m a person who likes jersey club versions of songs” then this is for you. Too veterans coming together to make sure you got the goods.

Luca Lush remix

If you’re like “I’m a baby who likes hard trap remixes of things when my diaper is getting changed” then this is the remix for you. It’s hard, just the way babies like it.

Omniboi remix

Omniboi, who is he? I have no fucking idea. All I know is that this remix is smooth baby. Just like your freshly waxed anus.

Myth Syzer remix

When I first hear the song “Bad and Boujee” I was struck by the fact that it made me think of strings and how strings could enhance the song. Now here they are. Do you feel complete now?

DJ Dean & Shine Afro remix

Afro house has been hot for a minute. Maybe even two minutes. This track let’s you please the basic people while adding a nice rhythm into the mix. Definitely a good one.

DIV/IDE & Aylen remix

Sometimes I have to DJ to douche bags. This is the bottle service/festival version kids will love and so will adults who drink Grey Goose. A win/win.

DJ J Heat x DJ K-SHiZ remix

Another jersey club version. I’m just a jersey club kinda guy you know? This one is from the young gunz J Heat and K-Shiz. Same genre as above but a different execution.