OK so Soundcloud ads hurt my feelings, Instagram banned EDM, some DJs won’t shut up, and nightlife can be a drag. But it’s okay because we have music. Here are some fabulous free downloads I found this month.

Lifted Contingency has been on a roll with the freshest monthly tracks. Most recently Nick Garcia put out some fire for their 7th release.


Bert On Beats has been putting out regular free tunes, this new one Subskankin is to ready to get the club lit up.


Dombresky has a very wavy remix of some new A$AP.


And because I’m a sucker for cool house music, here’s a great collab with Forbid & Josh Gregg.


My boy James Landino on some hip video game vibes flipped into house.


Zakim Rec’s head of house Nick Minieri has been putting out some great tracks on his production binge this year.


Dellux is amazing- his NEst HQ Premiere track is mind boggling. Great lead synth in this one that makes you whistle while you work.


If you haven’t been listening to Eyes Everywhere, let me get you up to speed with this remix of Doug English.


EE has also been working with Bot for this limited Main Course free DL.


Speaking of Main Course, they’re rep[laced SNACKS with Plates. This one from Bot and the main dude Astronomar.


Moving right along, some technoish from Justin Jay and Chris Lorenzo


Rambo V putting up some remix heat on Tame Impala’s Nangs.


Finally, MSCLS teams up with Feature Cuts and Savannah Low for Runaway. And there’s also a remix contest. Oooooo. Special.