doug ford

Doug Ford, Toronto 2018 mayoral candidate, is no man of the people. He does not share the interests of the common folk. He does not share the same background as the common folk. If anything, he is a man against the people.

Doug Ford grew up in Etobicoke. He grew up in a wealthy area of Etobicoke, an area filled with large homes lining the pretty Humber River valley. His father was a businessman.

His father, who shares his name, was a man of the people. He built his business from the ground up. Doug Ford was born into affluence.

Doug Ford inherited the business his father founded. He ran it ok for a while and then ran it badly. His story is not about pulling himself up from his bootstraps. Just as he piggy-backed on his father’s success he then piggy-backed on his brother’s political career. He piggy-backed his way into running for the mayoralty of Toronto in 2018.

I wish he could drive as well as he piggy-backs. Doug Ford thinks it’s cool to film a video while you’re driving:

This guy, talks like he’s some Tim Horton’s guzzling regular joe but then drives around in his fancy car criticizing the King Street Pilot Project that is meant to benefit the average citizen trying to take transit to get to work.

Doug Ford doesn’t take transit. How could Doug Ford understand the slog that was the King St Streetcar before the pilot? Doug Ford has the mentality of an entitled rich man.

Doug Ford would be upset if you were in the way of his fancy car when he’s in a rush to get somewhere. Doug Ford would probably be upset at you if in his way even if he wasn’t in a rush. YOU ARE IN HIS WAY YOU PINKO. This is the same man telling you that he represents your interests.

Remember, Doug Ford is a rich man. He does not hang with your type of person. He does not eat at your type of restaurant. He does not pay rent. He does not have trouble with his bills (other than the business he ran into the ground). Do not be fooled by his stupid haircut. Do not be fooled by his gruff way of talking. Wealth doesn’t buy you style or class.

Doug Ford is a rich white man who will work to benefit other rich white men. That’s his demographic. He will pretend this is not the case. This will be a lie. His whole campaign will be a lie.

He’s the lesser Canadian spin off of Donald Trump.

Doug Ford is no man of the people.