So I was away for a bit so I wasn’t posting. Deal with it as best you can. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You are now fonder of me.

In my absence I have cooked up a new feature. We’re doing Spotify playlists now.

It’s the future, or so they say. I don’t really think I need a fucking algorithm to tell me what music I fucking like but sure, if you’re not about that life then enjoy.

Anyway, this first playlist in the series is an overview of the late 90’s toearly 2000’s genre Electroclash. It was a genre that was integral in my love of electronic music.

As you will no doubt hear, it borrowed heavily from late 70’s/early 80’s musical aesthetics merged with a wry sense of humour that parodied that club scene and celebrity culture. It also relied heavily on 80’s retro-futurism.

Have a listen and follow us on Spotify because that is the spot to be right now apparently and I want to be a digital influencer.