eytan tobin video games

There are some premieres, like this one, that make me truly excited. Others I do under duress. We got a new one, a hot one, from Toronto’s own Eytan Tobin and you need to hear it.

This ain’t your dad’s drum & bass where they had just invented drum & bass and stuff was super basic and you could smoke in hospitals. No.

There is a lot going on here. There is a tension. Do you hear it? One song is trying to break free from the other. It is boiling under the surface. When it finally emerges it melds into the initial musical idea, creating a third idea. Is this a reflection of Hegel’s triad of┬áthesis, antithesis, synthesis in musical form? Probably not. But you could say it is and people might want to have sex with you because you appear to be smart. Anyway.

It’s the title track from his EP dropping November 24th on the iconic Never Slept out of Australia. If this track titilates your senses, why not swing by their Bandcamp and smash the mf pre-order button? Grab it now before they run out of wavs and the only thing left are flacs (eww).

Eytan Tobin is a good friend of mine in Toronto and I have also had the distinct pleasure of working with him to put on some super woke, third eye (maybe even fourth eye) next level dance music shows. He runs a great collective called Bedroomer who put out very dope music. So yes, this is a case of nepotism but at least I’m being upfront about it. I’d still be writing about this even if Eytan said mean things about me because it’s just good music. Enjoy.