Goldman Sachs has a Soundcloud account.

It makes no fucking sense but it’s obviously legit. The only reason for this that I can fathom is that some fucking exec has a kid who is a producer/DJ and they were talking about Soundcloud and then that exec was at a board meeting or some kinda thing and said “we need a Soundcloud, all the kids are on it” but instead of putting phat beats on there they put corporate speeches or like podcasts for invetors (I didn’t listen).

So what should you do? I mean this company is responsible both directly and indirectly for criminally fraudulent practices both before and after the sub-prime mortgage crisis. If you look out at the world and you say to yourself “this is a shitty place” well you can partly thank Goldman Sachs for that.

They disabled comments on their “tracks” but that doesn’t mean you can’t troll them. I think we should all just spam their message box in Soundcloud with “sick trax bro. please repost my festival trap bangers supported by dvbbs” or like “sweet tunes bro, let’s collab”. It’s a small thing but it’s a good thing. Any little thing that makes the Goldman Sachs experience a tiny bit shittier is worth it.