WHILE rapidly clicking through my Soundcloud stream trying to find some decent music today, I heard for the first time my music fix being jaggedly interrupted by a commercial for an SUV.

Not only do I subscribe regularly to public transportation (or plan on buying a motor vehicle for that matter), my enjoyment suddenly ceased. For the first time in my Soundcloud usership, I was truly disappointed. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even care about the radical UI designs, use of flash, or promoted (and unwanted) music tracks. This was not an ignorable or tolerable change for a listener and a music producer.

This truly is a foreshadowing of what Soundcloud is going to become this year, and it is an omen for lesser known producers to seek immediate shelter. If some music lister wants to listen to a piece of music I make that I put on the public domain, there’s no way in hell I want them to listen about Land Rovers right before they listen to it. When I listen to Spotify I just take my headphones off or I skip to the next before the song ends because I hate hearing that rubbish. (When I listen to Spotify I also don’t listen to dance music, but that can be analyzed later.) So there’s no way in hell I want that to happen. My SoundCloudAdExperience was disruptive and rude like that fat kid in 3rd grade who offered you a “Hertz Donut” when you just wanted to listen to your Third Eye Blind CD. (Sometimes I listen to 3EB on Spotify.)

I’ve been lamenting alternatives of course. Soundcloud has been a monument in the Twitter-meets-music structure, however there are plenty of music-hosting sites. Bandcamp is surely one to consider. Their pay-what-you-want and file format options is deserving of praise. However, I do believe in monetization of physical and digital copies. It doesn’t always have to be its weight in gold, but if you desire to keep a piece of my music, I want you to share it. I want you to follow my Soundcloud (s/o toneden) so you get my next song. I want you to tell the world. I want you to scream my name from a mountaintop and say “this record is pretty great!” It only takes a little bit of effort. Just a couple clicks and keystrokes… and maybe a nice trip to the mountains this weekend? No, no, okay you don’t have to do that fine. Just do one of those other things and it won’t cost you any extra. You were already sitting on your computer. So simple. Mm.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to kill my Soundcloud account per se (I feel special since it took me at least four years to get followers into four significant figures), but I might just stop using it. There’s no point in throwing up a song to get buried under reposts from channels and promoted tracks (and now advertisements). This could be a new dawn for small labels to attract new artists who desire to get their music heard. Apple Music and Spotify also cast a long dark shadow over Soundcloud, since the RIAA has the streaming heavyweights in their pockets.

So it goes. I might have put my last song on Soundcloud. Sometimes I don’t even need to go on Soundcloud since I listen to plenty of demos and promos (that you can send here thanks). I also have other outlets to send music. Soundcloud’s death might not even be a big deal to me since I’m already prepared (s/o Boy Scouts). But life goes on. It’s just the internet. It’s late now. This is Colin for W.C., signing off, until next time…

check my soundcloud bruh.