kanye west

Kanye West had a meltdown. Big league.

People are saying he’s not getting enough sleep. People are saying he’s on drugs. People are saying his wife sucks (umm yup!). People are saying it’s all of the above. I think it’s something else.

Kanye West is dehydrated.

Look at him ranting:

Like seriously:


What is the constant with these videos? It’s not what you think. Yeah, he’s crazy in these but the main problem is I don’t see him once take a sip of water. Not once. I think he has a problematic relationship to water. Like look at this:

Kanye West water

He can’t even deal with water. He hates it. Look at this tweet from 2010:

kanye west water bottle

This dangerous fear and hatred of hydration has made him act crazy. It appears like he has┬ámental issues but I just think he’s dehydrated. Wikipedia explains that dehydration can cause “mental deterioration, accompanied by severe thirst”. This is obviously on display in Kanye’s latest antics.

It’s been years in the making. Look up “kanye west drinking water”. You won’t find any images of him actually doing it. I have scrolled through thousands of images of Kanye West and there are none of him drinking water or even with water in proximity minus that Albanian lake pictured above.

Look at another successful rapper like Jay-Z, he very concerned with water:

On top of that he enjoys it:

jay z water

And he drinks it:

jay z water bottle

Kanye has bad drinking habits:

kanye henny

Seriously tho. Guru?


Come on.

Hopefully he bounces back and gets quenched. Life of Pablo actually grew on me and became on of my fave 2016 albums.