fractal fantasy visceral minds 2


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You may not know what the Fractal Fantasy collective is about but you definitely have heard of some of the members.

If the name “Sinjin Hawke” mean nothing to you then you need to go directly to jail and not collect any money when you pass go. Once you’re in jail you need to go to classes and get your GED. After that, listen to Sinjin Hawke music while you study to get your degree (while still in jail). Once released from jail you will be able to tell people that you know about music. Also you’ll be ready to get a better job. You can thank me later.

If you’re an avid Walmer reader, you probably know about most of the other folks on this compilation. You know about Zora Jones, you know about L-Vis 1990 and Canblaster and Thast. You know about Murlo, Jlin and Dj Sliink. I’m not gonna name all the people on this 20 track compilation but you get it. These are all your favourite producers and they’re together and this is the compilation of the year.

Deal with it. Get over it. Grab the Visceral Minds 2 compilation. Check out their visual thing which is interesting for a minute or so.