So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Maybe some of you thought I was gone. You were wrong. Or maybe you were right in a way. Maybe this site is just going through a long drawn out death like some kind of terrible illness. Maybe some of you would rejoice from that?

But whatever. This is not some fucking “I’m a paranoid aggressive person post”. I am that, but this is not a post about that even though by mentioning that, I’ve kind of made it about that. Interesting.

This is about a theory. Maybe it’s even about a fact. People are fucking babies. You can see it everywhere. You can see it when people get upset when you say don’t like a band that they like. You can see it when people send you music to listen to and you give them REAL criticism and they start getting angry as if they just wanted you to tell them what they did was awesome. You can see it when people would rather unfriend those with differing views than them instead of engaging in debate where they may achieve some kind of understanding. You can it in men who cry about the “friendzone” as if they are entitled to be with a woman they are nice to. You see it in parents who can’t fucking deal with people thinking their kid is a little piece of shit, even though they are.

White people, comfortable white people like myself, are often completely sheltered from any type of real hardship or anything that doesn’t jive with our world view. We demand a “safe space” that we don’t require. Others actually need a safe space because the world is genuinely hostile to them. But I digress perhaps too much now. The main point is that people are fucking babies and because they’re babies they can’t handle failure.

This extends to aspiring music producers. Many of them are fragile and untalented. This is a dangerous mix. They are faced with a stark choice. They can either deal with failure directly and take a hard long look into the mirror of reality. They might emerge better, stronger. Or they can take the road most traveled.

They can keep living the lie. They can keep their fragile unjustified sense of self satisfaction intact. They can pay for a veneer of success. They can dish out money for reposts and coverage of their music on websites. This is to success what particle board is to wood. It’s a sad facsimile. They can say “I got 80,000 plays on my track” as if that implies some kind of talent or quality just as using “gold” on things implies class and sophistication. Look at the Trump brand. It’s like looking at a busy road and saying “that must be the best road” because there are many cars. These superficial signifiers of “quality” do nothing but allow the little baby bitch who uses them to “feel like they are important” and “good”. They can delay the inevitable realization that they are garbage at what they do.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t attempt to make music. Everyone should attempt their dreams. I would say that that is basic human right. Just don’t expect to succeed.

Sure some people could say to me “Hey you fucking idiot, people have fucking paid for coverage and promotion since forever, it’s called marketing and PR”. And I would say to those people “I guess people have been acting like fucking babies forever”. Political candidates that advertise are fucking babies. They don’t want to face the fact their ideas are unappealing as fuck. They have to pay to be shown on TV. Companies that do product placement are fucking babies. Coke isn’t good enough for Captain America: World Police to drink they have to pay him.

Yeah. So that’s some content there for ya.