the 25th hr

We got this great track today for a premiere by Toronto producer The 25th Hr. I’ve never heard of him until now even though I’m living in Toronto. But, I wish I did. He’s good and this is a good track.

It’s being released by Brooklyn imprint Color Station as a prelude of sorts to his debut LP coming out this summer. That should be a very interesting album if this track is any indication.

What about this track? Well it plays with you. At the beginning you think “ok so it’s some dark house music I’ve heard this”. As the song goes on it drops into this extended expansive halftime journey as if you just took a really big hit off a blunt and floated away from reality. By the time it goes back to the next short 4×4 segment you’re hooked (if you have any good taste).

And then it just ends abruptly and maybe goes to the next track on you iTunes and you’re upset and immediately want to jump right the fuck back into that world that The 25th Hr created. The sound design makes it sound fully fleshed out and populated. Maybe you should smoke weed before listening to this.