If you’re familiar with the Walmer Convenience site site than you have to be familiar with D-DOTs. This talented young producer from the UK has been killing it with the topical beats for the last few years.

Today he’s continuing a prolific 2017 with his latest Hot Sauce EP. It’s important because it’s really good but also because it marks the start of his own label, TROPICOOL Records. To mark the release we did a little interview. Check the EP below.

Walmer – You got two moombahton tracks on the EP. Did you set out to do some moombahton? Is there a reason behind this or are these just the tracks that you had finished at this time?
D-DOTs – Well spotted! It was completely intentional. Moombahton is the genre that got me into music and that I first start building a musical community around. As stuff has started to take off a bit more recently; acquiring management, touring internationally and also joining the hot mom fam (shout out Shiftee!); I wanted to make a deliberate return to the sound that started it all for me. I’ve got a lot more music in the vault that I’ve had to delay to get this out.
W – You’re always making music I would call tropical bass or global club (some would call it global bass), the question is, why do you persist in making this type of music? What attracts you to this music and how did you get into it?
D – I‘m completely English heritage wise, so my passion for genres such as dancehall, reggaeton, soca and bailé funk as has always confounded me. However I think I’ve traced it back to my Dad rinsing Manu Chao when I was younger. Production and DJ wise tho, my obsession started after hearing Munchi’s ‘Sangungueo’ (I started producing the day after I heard it) and went down the rabbit hole from there.
W – You playing any shows coming up? This is your time to plug your events.
D Next show is Boomtown festival at 4.30pm Sunday on the Robotika stage. I’ve got a wild show planned with some special guests, plus it’s sold out and MIA’s headlining, so UK mandem roll thru.
W – What’s your least favourite type of music? Why?
DNah, all music’s got its moment.
W – If you could recommend one dance music producer (other than yourself) to someone, who would it be?
D – JUS NOW! Keshav (from Trinidad) and Sam (from Bristol, UK) are good friends of mine and heavyweights on both the UK and Trini scenes with their completely unique hybrid of Soca and Bass Music. They have something very big coming soon. But for now, check out their quintessential carnival hit ‘Tun Up (feat. Bunji Garlin)’.
P.S. I’m actually with Keshav at a Rinse FM rooftop party whilst completing this interview from my phone.
W – So if I understand correctly this is the first release of a label you are starting. Why are you starting a label? What do you hope to do with this label musically?
D – Yes! This is the first release on my new label TROPICOOL Records. I come across a lot of incredible artists who can never get past doing features for other people and I’ve always wanted to help these people flesh out projects of their own. Because of that I’ve had a reason to start a label floating in the back of my mind for a while and when hot mom weren’t able to get this release out in the schedule we wanted, I knew this was the right moment. I’m still going to do more releases with hot mom and will be building this label slowly in the background. But expect music, events and clothing!