kratos himself


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All the premieres on this site are special to me but this one from Kratos Himself is extra special.

You don’t get to hear enough vibey music in this dance music racket. It’s banger bangers bangers. That’s ok for the most part but it can b exhausting. It’s like constantly eating marshmallow cereal. It’ll take it’s toll. Every now and then you need vibes. You need to clear your ears and your head. Kratos Himself offers that possibility through his album (of the same name as this track) dropping on the US ┬ábased Youngbloods imprint.

It’s a whole album of musical moments rather than musical bludgeonings. The music has it’s own meaning as a story of recovery from lost love but it can serve as a departure point for your own interior journey.

It all drops December 9th. Be on the lookout or just pre-order it now.