fade away


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I’m excited to present this premiere today. It’s a really unique track with a different sound then your run of the mill electronic music.

It’s courtesy of Philadelphia’s RVLVR and Ben O’Neill. The former is a producer of forward thinking club music who you may be familiar with from previous Walmer exclusives and premieres. The latter is a talented guitarist/singer/songwriter who is the touring guitarist of Jill Scott and John Legend.

Together they’ve putting out the Stiff Upper Lip¬†EP dropping on Starkey’s NOREMIXES label December 1st. It’s a delightful mixture of analog and digital sounds into novel and exciting tracks that push boundaries while paying respect to the lost art of melody.

This one mixes the amen break with dreamy guitar and vocals to create an uplifting track that floats while still delivering maximum propulsion. This is not your run of the mill drum & bass.