soundcloud go plus

Recently I was cruising the Soundclouds and came across a new Wizkid track with Major Lazer. Now I don’t 100% subscribe to Major Lazer but I 100% subscribe to Wizkid.

When I tried to listen to the track Soundcloud wouldn’t let me. They told me I had to pay for a Soundcloud GO+ account.

If this were any other music service like Spotify or Tidal or something I would be ok with this. Soundcloud is different though.

Because Soundcloud has historically been a platform for music creators and curators, they have many people, like myself, who are paying Soundcloud already for the ability to host all their tracks, mixes and whatnot. I am paying $81.00 CDN for this privilege. Soundcloud GO+ is currently advertised at $1.99 per month which works out to $23.88 CDN. Soundcloud expects me, a person who ostensibly provides content, content that draws people to their platform, a person who PAYS TO PROVIDE THEM WITH CONTENT, to pay MORE to access their full content.

That sounds fucking stupid doesn’t it?

If I’m fucking paying to upload shit to Soundcloud that draws people to their fucking site I should have access to all their content included in my fucking subscription otherwise it’s just fucking insulting. That’s a lot of fucks I just gave there but that’s the level to which this grinds my fucking gears.

Here’s an opportunity for Soundcloud to add value to their package and possibly retain people at rates far higher than any other platform is charging. Instead they just do their typical “fuck you” to the user base that built their damn platform. It’s more likely that I will keep my pro Soundcloud account with the Soundcloud Go+ service included than not.

See, they think that the choice is either I pay them only (lol “only”) $81.00 a year or I pay them $81.00 and the $23.88 but that’s incorrect. The choice is either I pay $81.00 and get the extra shit included since I’m already paying a lot or, I fucking cancel my account. They’re better off keeping me since with my pro account I’m paying a bit more than what 3 people would be paying with just a Soundcloud GO+ account. But what do I know.

Enjoy your slow demise.