In Toronto the big issue right now is the King Street Pilot project.

What that is is on this main street (King Street) cars have had their movements restricted so that they have to make a right turn at most intersections, are banned from making left turns and parking has been removed in order to help speed up streetcar service.

Before the pilot, the streetcars were overcrowded and trip times were very slow. After the pilot, streetcars are still overcrowded but, travel times have improved. If they add even more streetcars, this should really makes things awesome.

On King Street you have 72,000 streetcar trips per day vs 20,000 car trips. Restricting car traffic to improve streetcar service makes sense on those numbers alone. Open and shut case right?


See there is a group of businesses on King St who contend that the pilot project should be banned because they have seen a significant drop in business. Leading the way is this place called Kit Kat that I never heard about until now. The owner says business is down 50% because of the pilot. That’s a strange claim since that would mean that the restaurant gets 50% of it’s business from parking and cars but along the whole stretch, which is a few kilometres long, there were only 180 parking spots. That would mean that a large percentage of the people that were parking along that stretch were just parking there to go to this one restaurant. According to this mans logic people parking even 2 kilometres away were parking there just to go to this restaurant and now can’t go even though there are still hundreds of parking spots within a few hundred metres of the place.

In order to show his disdain for the fact that thousands of people can get around the city easily this guy. This guy:

This guy decides to put up a huge middle finger made of ice pointing at the streetcar riders as if they are responsible for his lack of business.

What I think in seeing this is…FUCK YOU BACK BUDDY!

Straight up. You wanna know why your fucking business is going down. It’s not fucking streetcars. Maybe it’s the fact your fucking website looks like it’s from 2002:

Maybe it’s the fact that your menu looks like it hasn’t been changed since the 90’s. This shit looks like a bad catering menu:

OOOH chicken breast! That’s what people want in 2018. Like the fucking menu looks like East Side Mario’s or Olive Garden. Do you have unlimited breadsticks here too?

I bet you get the pasta there where theres too much water in it for some reason. You know like it’s got watery sauce and tastes weak. You can get that watery sauce and you can watch a game on the CRT TV while you eat

The point is, this is one of those shitty, overpriced, tourist trapping restaurants that has been lucky that they haven’t had to change with the times because they’re close to many attractions. The product on offer has become so uninteresting, outdated and unappealing that not even old people going to see a musical want to go here now. That’s their problem.

The strip of King Street that this restaurant is on is known to me as “bad food row”. None of the restaurants are good here. Most of them are of the type where there’s some guy or lady standing out front trying to pull you in which is a sure sign of complete suckitude. This is the area where you go to eat if you have absolutely no fucking clue about where to eat in Toronto. I would be embarrassed to eat on this strip. It would mean that I was a complete noob. It would be like I didn’t know anything about food or the city I lived in.

I work as a bike courier when I’m not DJing and I go down King Street often. I pass by many restaurants and they seem to be doing fine and have a ton of customers. It could be that these restaurants are modern and interesting and appealing to customers instead of having ugly ass decor?

What do I know though? I don’t have any empirical statistics to back up any of my arguments.

Kinda like the owner of this terrible restaurant in complaining about the King Street Pilot Project.