tide laundry pod

Eating Tide laundry pods is all the rage now. They’re nutritious and delicious! What is the tastiest flavour?

These ones are mint-blueberry-vanilla. The flavour combo sounds strange but it’s surprisingly delicious. The fruitiness of the blueberry mixed with the smooth vanilla taste is cut by the icy mint flavour. 10/10


This boi is orange-grape-vanilla. Without the mint to cut through the sweetness it can be a little too sweet. The orange is still quite tangy. Not the best but not bad. 6/10


These ones are just vanilla flavour and they are very boring. I was very disappointed that they took this route. I would have preferred something like thai basil-vanilla or siracha-mango. 1/10


I like this simple blueberry-vanilla flavour. Nothing too special but they compliment each other well. Sometimes there is a classic you don’t want to mess with and this is it. 7/10


laundry pod

This little bundle of flavour is vanilla-sour apple. This one is awesome. The vanilla adds a nice background to the pop of the apple. This little tasty boi makes me feel alive again. 10/10