Essbeedee hasn’t been around very long but he’s made a pretty good mark on the fucking moombah scene lately. Dude has an EP out already with Rot10 Musik and has some big gigs comic up in the UK and the US and more big releases in the pipes. Basically you’re gonna be hearing a lot more from him soon so might as well get to know him better. He’s been kind enough to sit down with us for an interview (sit down at his computer in England while we are in Canada) and also he’s made an extra special exclusive track for us to give out to you, our amazing fucking audience. So why not sit back, smoke a blunt or do a rail (even though that will probably not at all help you to relax) and read what this up and comer has to say. He seems to know his shit and proves that you just gotta go for it int life. GO READ IT NOW FUCKERS!

Walmer: So who the fuck is ESSBEEDEE?

Essbeedee: ESSBEEDEE is a half Israeli Jew from Essex near London, SHALOM!!!! My name is actually my initials (SBD) but phonetically said. Gangsta!

W: How long have you been fucking with music?

E: I been fuckin with music since I was young. Music is the only thing that has ever made sense to me. I’ve grown up listening to mostly hip hop. I was always quite selective with who I listened to though….I loved artists like Tech N9ne, Chino XL, Immortal Technique, Jin (his rap battles were sick) Pac, Biggie, Pun, Big L and all the shit from the 90’s like A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang etc. I’ve only been producing properly for about a year though. I worked for a music school in London last year called London School of Sound, I was just doing admin and marketing, but I got to go on their courses and use their studios for free. I learnt soooo much. Plus all the lecturer’s were incredible. They produce for the biggest acts out their, so I soaked up everything I could. Most of my learning has been self taught though. I’m lucky, I used to be an amateur life coach and i’ve had training in Accelerated Learning, NLP, Peak Performance…..So I can learn quick and know how to get in the zone n shit. I can sit for insane amounts of hours working on something. Its getting a bit serious though, my doctor told me about a month ago that my blood pressure is low due to lack of sleep.

W: You do a lot of moombahton. Do you fuck with anything else? Are you capable?

E: Yeah i’m fuckin capable!! 🙂 I fucks with House, Electro. But everything I am putting out is at 108 BPM. Nothing sounds right anymore unless its at 108 BPM, seriously man. I’ll start a track at 128 BPM and i’ll fuckin end up bringing the tempo down. Its really crazy.

W: What is your favourite booze?

E: CIDER!!!!!

W: Do you make a lot of money off this moombahton shit?

E: I’m not making much yet, I still have a full time job. But its all about to blow up massively for me….I am just about to sign with Birth Records (i’ll be releasing my first EP with them) who are a UK label, management and PR company who are hooked up with EVERYTHING! And i got some major ass gigs coming up in the UK and US…..so things are looking up 🙂

W: Have you ever stolen from your parents?

E: Never, i’m a good Jew 🙂

W: Do you think it’s better to be in a relationship or to be single?

E: Single 100%. Cos it don’t matter who you end up with…some girl out there is gona have bigger tits or nicer ass and you are gona want it. Grass is always greener, so imma keep playin.

W: Who is the person making music who inspires you the most and why the fuck do they inspire you?

E: Munchi without a doubt, the dude is on another planet! He inspires me because all his tunes are just so powerful, they have so much energy. I’m a massive Deadmau5 fan too….I still get goosebumps when I listen to  Random Album Title. Tracks like Brazil, Arguru, Faxing Berlin, they are just amazing. He inspires me because his songs are so structured yet so exciting and melodic. He sometimes doesn’t even use many elements. And how he progresses with the sounds through each of the tracks is beautiful. There is a track on my upcoming EP called ESSBAHTON which will have some Deadmau5-ish elements in it. 

W: How do you think people make it in this music industry?

E: The music industry can be fucked up as most people know. The talented can be overlooked and the talentless can make it to the top. But somehow I managed to go from nothing (literally) to signing a track with Rot10 to getting into the top 100 on Beatports Electronica chart and to having all my tracks played all over the world in under a year. Even had Diplo’s Tour Manager contact me for one of my tracks. Its not massive successes, relatively, but to me its massive. I am succeeding in my genre and thats what I want. 

What i’ve learnt is that one of the important things is the quality of your products and the how often you distribute it. I help out a lot of artists with advice on tracks, mastering n stuff and they are all the same….anxious to get SOMETHING out there….a track a clip a snippet, something. We live in such a fast paced world that we MUST have something new every second. I was like this at the start…but what i learnt is that its better to relax and focus on what you are doing rather than where its going to go. A while back I came to the conclusion that being a producer and a DJ is my destiny. I believe this with every ounce of life in me. So…. Because of this….I now do not feel the need to rush to get something new out there….I know where I am going…so I focus on what I am doing. A track may take me a week or a month or longer, it doesn’t matter, if you know your future then you do not need to think about it. The second you focus on what you are doing right NOW rather than where it is going is the moment your music will become instantly better. 

Alot of people talk but at the end of the day people dont wana hear what you have to say, they wana see what you can do, what you can prove. So the bottom line really is; make good music and shut the hell up. And truly believe that what you are doing you will be doing for the rest of your life.

W: What is the worst movie you ever saw?

E: I am Number 4….But the strange thing is I keep watching it….I think its that blonde girl…..mMmMmMmmm.

W: What do you use to make tunes?

E: Since day 1 I have used Ableton. I’ll never use anything else. Whats the point?

W: Do you think moombahton will last?

E: Moombahton will last forever, how couldn’t it? People say its not their cup of tea…. But thats stupid!  Moombahton is a combination of everyones cups of tea, so it will last forever.

W: Who is the worst moombahton artist?

E: Uuuurrrr….You? 😉 

W: When do you think you will throw up next?

E: Tomorrow night……. A girl at work bought me some Lithuanian vodka, its fuckin mean!!

W: Favourite fucking tune right now?

E: Felguk – Bassive (still in love with that tune, that tune is the definition of what I love electro wise) Hardwell & Dannic – Kontiki……I’m a sucker for some ‘Epic House’. Oh….and Tempo Got my Back by Munchi. TEMPO GOT MY BAACKKK!!!! I WOULD CHOP OFF ONE OF MY HAIRY ASS BALLS FOR THAT TUNE!!!!! 

And that’s it! We know what you guys are interested in now! The free track! This is a really banging piece of moombahton and we’re fucking stocked to be able to feature it on the site. Prepare yourself for…WALNUTS!







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