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XXXTentation is rap’s newest star. Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate but that doesn’t change the facts.

Two days ago he dropped two tracks. One of them, “Gospel” with Rich Chigga and Keith Ape is a certifiable banger. This other one “Looking For A Star” is something else entirely.

It’s weird. It was produced by someone for Diplo. It sounds like nothing else you’ve ever heard. It sounds like nothing XXXTentation has ever done before. I don’t know what to think of it. Initially I was repulsed. But it’s growing on me.

I feel like people with an open mind will be down with this. This also might be the track that breaks this dude into the full out mainstream of basic people. I feel however that if you don’t like this guy already, you’re gonna hate this track. To those people this is just more proof that the new generation is garbage.

I have reservations about this guy. Obviously the whole allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend doesn’t really sit well with me and causes me to avoid playing his tracks as much as possible. I think though it will be hard to avoid this guy after this track.